Ben Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your Life

Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Bud & Travis in Person Medley

                        Paul Bryan's Journal (and Chronology of Events)

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The Ultimate Guide to Run for Your Life Starring Ben Gazzara welcomes fans of Travis Edmonson and Bud & Travis to our salute to these brilliant musicians.

From their “In Person at the Cellar Door” CD, Bud and Travis sing Gimme Some, It Was a Very Good Year, South Coast, Amor De La Calle, Better Than Anything.

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You can purchase Bud & Travis in Person on CD along with The Latin Album  below or at the Travis Edmonson official website

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Bud & Travis sing La Bamba
Bud & Travis sing Delia's Gone
Bud & Travis sing The Merry Minuet (Riting in Africa)
Bud & Travis sing Angelico
Bud & Travis sing Raspberries, Strawberries
Bud & Travis sing Tomorrow is a Long Time

Bud & Travis Interview

On the power of advertisers

On the roots of folk music
On the Naturally album and Liberty label
On collecting songs & doing their own thing
On their television appearances

Travis Edmonson's wonderful introduction to the music of the American Southwest

Explaining the ranchera and bolero
singing Ranchera Allegra, Western Plains and Yours

Talking about Mexican dance music and Indian heritage
singing Vamos al Baile and Sinalouense

On Travis Edmonson's favorite song and its importance
Malaguena Salerosa

Concluding by the campfire, Travis sings
Spanish is the Loving Tongue

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Bud & Travis in Concert
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Perspective on Bud & Travis

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Bud & Travis in Person
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Travis on Cue

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Cloudy Summer Afternoon
"Bud & Travis" (on Sunset)


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The Gateway Singers at the hungry i
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Puttin on the Style

WAGONS WEST & ON THE LOT - $25 including shipping

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The Gateway Singers albums (and those of Bud & Travis) were remastered and sold to benefit  Travis Edmonson during the last four years of his life exclusively through this website to assist Travis in dealing with the costs of a quarter century of paralysis and other long-term medical conditions.

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The Gateway Singers “Puttin' On The Style”
Puttin' on The Style, Fair Maid (A-Rovin), Monaco, Sally Don't You Grieve, Bury Me In My Overalls, Run, Come See Jerusalem, Rock Island Line, Midnight Special, Come To The Dance, True Love, Tumbalalaika, I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago, Ezekiel Saw The Wheel

“The Gateway Singers at the hungry I”
This Little Light Of Mine , Poor Boy, Oleanna, Hold On, The Sinking Of The Ruben James, The Fox, The Ballad Of Sigmund Freud, Roving Gambler, The Erie Canal, Deep Blue Sea, Roll Down The Line, Fare Thee Well, Three Israeli Folk Dances

"The Gateway Singers in Hi Fi"
All Over This World, Rollin' Home, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Colorado Trail, Shenandoah, Heylilee, Let Me Fly (Chariot Wheel), Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, Malagueña Salerosa, Hard, Ain't It Hard, Rio Grande (Away Rio), Fais Do-Do (Go To Sleep Colas), Rock About My Sara Jane

The Gateway Singers Wagons West"
O Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie, I'm Gonna Leave Old Texas Now, Hard Likker, Prairie, Good Man In The Badlands, Spnaish is the Loving Tongue, Ridin' Home, I ride an old paint, Far Side of the Hill, Turn Home, Beloved, Hush, Little Baby,

The Gateway Singers On The Lot
I Won't Be Worried Long, Gypsy-O, Arian, Hurricane, Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens, East Virginia Blues, Don't You Lie, Daddy-O, Dehlia's Blues, The MTA, Come Along, Charlie, Pretty Saro, Keep A-Movin'

Also, from Bud & Travis

"Bud and Travis (The Debut Album)
Tina, Truly Do, Rayito De Luna,  San Fernando, Bonsoir Dame, Malagueña Salerosa, Delia's Gone, She Never Loved Me, Florecita De Mi Cielo, They Call The Wind Mariah, South Wind, Come To The Dance

Spotlight on Bud and Travis
Cloudy Summer Afternoon, Cielito Lindo Son Juasteco, Let Me Fly, Banua, Brown Eyes, Sinner Man, Angelico, Poor Boy, Raspberries, Strawberries, Jenny On A Horse, Waggoner´s Lad, La Bamba

Bud & Travis in Concert
Myra, They Call The Wind Mariah, Delia's Gone, Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye, Cloudy Summer Afternoon , Malagueña Salerosa, Rioting In Africa, Guess I'll Go Home, Come To The Dance, La Vaquilla Colorada, Raspberries, Strawberries, Bonsoir Dame, Carmen Carmella, La Bamba, Sloop John B, Everybody Loves Saturday Night

Bud & Travis in Concert Vol. 2
Angelico, Every Night When The Sun Goes In, Amor De La Calle, Young Lord, The Clock, Last Train To San Fernando, All My Sorrows, Two Brothers, Mo Mary, E La Bas

Bud and Travis Naturally
Summertime Love / I Never Have Seen Snow, Los Dos, Golden Apples Of The Sun, Ah Nora, War Is Over, In The Hills Of Shiloh, Guadalajara, Red Clay Country,

Perspective on Bud & Travis
Maria Christina, Fiesta In Guadalajara, Abilene, Ay, Jalisco, I Never Will Marry, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Goin' To California, So Long, Stay Well, Take Off Your Old Coat, Two Brothers, Sabras Que Te Quiero, A Long Time Back, Ay, MariaSe Me Hizo Facil, Haiti, It's The Man, Down In The Valley, Joey, Joey, Joey

Bud & Travis in Person
 Gimme some, South coast, Cielito Lindo Son Huasteco, It Was A Very Good Year, Elija Rock, Better Than Anything, Amor de la Calle, Golden Apples Of The Sun, How Long, How Long Blues

The Bud & Travis Latin Album
La Bamba , En De Que Te Vi, Sin Ti, Asi Canta Mi Patria, Anna, Malagueña Salerosa, El Abandonado, Guantanamera, Alma Llanera, Noche De Ronda, No Me Quieras Tanto, Caminante Del Mayab

Cloudy Summer Afternoon COMPILATION on Capitol
Cloudy Summer Afternoon, So Long, Stay Well, Cielito Lindo Son Juasteco, It Was A Very Good Year, Anna, Bon Soir Dame, Better Than Anything, Raspberries, Strawberries, Golden Apples Of The Sun, La Bamba

Travis Edmonson Solo Albums

Travis On His Own
Guantanamera, I'm A Drifter, New Ashville Junction, `Cross The Plains, Judgment Day, The Things I've Saved, The Web, Ellen, Cape Anne, In Sonora, The Time Of Man, One For The Money

Travis On Cue
Talkin' Blues, Malagueña Salerosa,   Cotton Eyed Joe,   East Virginia Blues,   Joey Joey Joey,   La Bamba,   Lonesome Traveler,   Michaela, `Cross The Plains, We Live To Love, High Hill Country, The Breeze and I, Guantanamera

CD Compilations

Let's All Room Together Next Semester!   (compilation in English)
Everybody Loves Saturday Night, Raspberries, Strawberries, The Clock, All My Sorrows, South Coast, Gimme Some, It's The Man, Down in the Valley, Truly Do, She Never Loved Me, Cloudy Summer Afternoon, Sinner Man, A Long Time Back, Abilene, East Virginia Blues, High Hill Country, I'm a Drifter, The Web, Poor Boy, Rollin' Home

VIVA Travis!   (compilation in Spanish)
Malagueña Salerosa , Florecita De Mi Cielo, Se Me Hizo Facil, Sabras Que Te Quiero, Asi Canta Mi Patria, Noche De Ronda, El Abandonado, Alma Llanera, Vaquilla La Vaquilla Colorada, Maria Christina, Michaela, Guadalajara, La Bamba, Ay, Jalisco, Guantanamera, En De Que Te Vi, Ay, Maria, Canta Morena, Vamos Al Baile, Amor de la Calle, In Sonora  + 3 bonus tracks!

Bud & Travis From The Ridiculous to The Sublime
Sloop John B, La Vaquilla Colorada, Vamos al Baille, Cloudy Summer Afternoon, Guess I'll Go Home, Every Night When The Sun Goes In, Better Than Anything, Golden Apples of The Sun, Raspberries, Strawberries, Cielito Lindo Son Huasteco, La Bamba, South Wind, They Call the Wind Mariah, Bon Soir Dame, Rayito de Luna, Los Dos, Haiti, Joey, Joey, Joey, Goin' to California, So Long, Stay Well, No Me Quiras Tanto, Malagueña Salerosa, Sin Ti, Camminante del Mayab