Ben Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your LifeBen Gazzara in Run for Your Life

Run For Your Life
Starring Ben Gazzara

Border Crossings 2

                       Paul Bryan's Journal (and Chronology of Events)

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The Ultimate Guide to Run for Your Life Starring Ben Gazzara welcomes fans of Travis Edmonson and Bud & Travis to our salute to these brilliant musicians.

In 1982, just before the paralysing stroke which ended his performing career, Travis Edmonson recorded the landmark PBS program BORDER CROSSINGS, in which he shed light on the music of the American Southwest, and sang songs to illustrate his talk.

On location at an old stage coach stop, Travis Edmonson tells about the music of country dances and sings his song Vamos al Baile. He also talks of the importance of water, loss of the Indian legacy, and the Mexican flute, then sings a Huapango song, Sinalouense.

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Bud & Travis sing La Bamba
Bud & Travis sing Delia's Gone
Bud & Travis sing The Merry Minuet (Riting in Africa)
Bud & Travis sing Angelico
Bud & Travis sing Raspberries, Strawberries

Bud & Travis Interview

On the power of advertisers

On the roots of folk music
On the Naturally album and Liberty label
On collecting songs & doing their own thing
On their television appearances

Travis Edmonson's wonderful introduction to the music of the American Southwest

Explaining the ranchera and bolero
singing Ranchera Allegra, Western Plains and Yours

Talking about Mexican dance music and Indian heritage
singing Vamos al Baile and Sinalouense

On Travis Edmonson's favorite song and its importance
Malaguena Salerosa

Concluding by the campfire, Travis sings
Spanish is the Loving Tongue

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